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Last Updated Tuesday 18 May 2020

In March, we set up an emergency hub where we are making up relief packs of food and other household essentials and, together with our teams of volunteers, delivering them to vulnerable people across Newham.

Due to the overwhelming number of people asking for support exceeding our limited capacity and resources, we have sadly had to restrict our offer to only existing members of BDCA or those who live in an E6 postcode and have now reduced our delivery to one day - Tuesdays - only for referrals received the week before up to Monday 9 am 

Request an Emergency Relief Parcel here


This support is available only for 

  • existing members of BDCA or those who live in an E6 postcode 

  • who are self-isolating and

  • whose income has been directly affected by the coronavirus


This is usually a change or termination in employment, a delay in receiving benefits, or a reduction in income due to self-employment.  We will then call you to confirm your circumstances.


We can only give up to a maximum of 3 emergency parcels per household. If you still need help afterwards, please call us so we can try to help find you a better long-term solution.


We ask those seeking support to consider if there are other alternatives (e.g. family members, online delivery) before asking us so we can prioritise the most vulnerable (e.g. those with no recourse to public funds, living in shared accommodation, on low income, single parents etc.)


Also consider using our Neighbourhood Shopper Scheme where volunteers shop for people who are self-isolating and can afford to pay for their shopping.

If you don't meet our criteria and need help, please visit our Coronavirus Resource page for links to where you can get help. 

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