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Elders Advocacy


What is advocacy?

In a nutshell, advocacy is about empowerment and communication. It’s about supporting people who - for whatever reason - find themselves in a situation where they need a bit of extra support to be heard. Our advocacy service supports adults to have their say, helping them to access the knowledge they need to make informed choices about their situation and assisting them to secure their rights.


When can advocacy help?

Well, it can help in a lot of different situations, because advocacy covers such a broad range of issues. For example, we do a lot of housing related advocacy - such as supporting people to communicate with their landlord or housing provider to ensure their rights as tenants are being met and their accommodation is suitable and safe. We support people to appeal welfare benefit decisions such as PIP or ESA and also help people apply for transport support schemes such as Blue Badges. We have helped those who are bereaved to complete any stressful admin and also help many adults to access social care when experiencing a decline in their health. So whether you want to have a walk-in shower installed or regular care each week, our advocacy service can support you.


These are just a few examples, and there are so many more different life scenarios and situations where advocacy can support people to have a voice.


How we can help:

This is dependent on the types of situations/issues that people need help with. If you aren’t sure whether advocacy can help - contact us anyway. We’ll listen to your story and even if it’s a case where we’re not the right service, we’ll do our best to put you in contact with someone who can assist.


Who we can support:

The advocacy service is for Newham residents over the age of 50 who need someone to support them to get their voice heard and their wishes understood. We mainly work directly with people who are feeling vulnerable and want support around an issue. However, more and more carers, including partners and family members, are seeking support on behalf of their loved ones.


For more information about our Elders Advocacy service call 020 8586 7070 ext. 209 or email

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