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David Mann (Chair), Brian Dexter (Treasurer), Neil Jepson (Vice Chair), Nigel Brook, Michala Dobiasova, Trisha Isaac, Matthew Porter and Pauline Varughese.



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Apply for paid roles at BDCA:

BDCA is a great place to work. We are an Equal Opportunities employer and are very committed to staff wellbeing and development. We do not have any paid job vacancies open for application at the moment but if you would like to register your interest in being informed by email about other future roles, click here.

Volunteer your time to transform our community:

BDCA could not function without our amazing team of committed, talented, compassionate volunteers. We are always looking for new people to come on board and help us run our wide range of community activities and services.


To join our team of volunteers or for more information please check our Volunteer page or contact Sulthana on 

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